Rule settlement, eviction and stay, in hostel “PANORAMI Center”

✓ Time of arrival  is after 14-00. Time of departure is to 12-00.

✓ Is there a settlement in hostel only after the presence of passport.

✓ Does a settlement take place only at complete payment.

✓ The continuation of dwelling in hostel is possible only after the presence of available spaces.

✓ Eviction makes only after handing over of number verification of presence of all things which were given out at a settlement by administrator.

✓The guests of hostel must behave with care to property and equipment of rooms, and care  to  cleanness (including washing tableware after yourself and taking products away with you) and set order. In the case of loss or the damages of property of rooms,  guilty compensates the cost of the inflicted losses in obedience to a price-list on the damaged property of hostel. If there is discovered that user which lives in the room of rest, damaged inventory (spots, , scratches, damage of furniture, something is broken or forgotten et al) the administrator of hostel makes an act of free-form, in obedience to which the user who is guilty in the damaging of property must recover the losses inflicted by him.

It is categorically FORBIDDEN on the territory of hostel  “PANORAMI Center”:

• To use swizzles and drugs

• To smoke on the territory of hostel (smoking is possible in the specially taken places, on a balcony)

• To violate a quiet time after 22-00

• Being the extraneous persons on the  territory of hostel

Does not SETTLE the next categories of people in hosteli of “PANORAMI Center”:

✓ Persons, in the condition of narcotic or alcoholic intoxication

✓ Spreaders of drugs and thieves of things

✓ Guests with animals, even in case that there are all necessary documents and accessories for a pet

✓ Guests without a document which identify the  personality

✓ Guests from a “black-list” (list where are people which negatively registered in our or other hostels)


In the case of improper conduct, violation of quiet time after 22-00, violation of rules of living in hostel, administration can use measures and evictions for check-out without returning payment for dwelling.



Dear guests! All rules of dwelling in our hostel are made with an idea about you, in fact administration of hostel worries about the guests and wants to provide you a pleasant, comfort and comfortable staying in “PANORAMI Center”.